About Us


Making the World a Better Place For All of Us

Our Story

Seahorse Sustainables STANDS FOR goodwill, respect and compassion. We STAND WITH all living creations, including our planet. We are aware there’s a common thread of humanity between all living souls. We believe in community and the power and heart humans embody. We are an inclusive company that believes labels hold us back from becoming better versions of ourselves. It’s not about being the perfect environmentalist. It’s about being aware and acting socially responsible to all life forms, one step at a time.
At Seahorse Sustainables we do the research and choose manufactures that align with our core beliefs and values. Our products are 100% recyclable as textiles. They are also 100% Certified Organic Cotton. We use a low bleed ink formulated as a press ready plastisol for printing on our bags. All dyes are lead free and our manufacturer is certified Fair Wage/Fair Labor as well as certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
Seahorse Sustainables will donate 10% of each sale to causes that encompass the same intention and ethics as we do. We plan to partner and collaborate with various foundations and work alongside them to actively advocate for reducing plastic use.
At Seahorse Sustainables we choose to live by the quote “When you know better you do better” by Maya Angelou. Every decision we make is based on that simple yet profound quote. We understand that knowledge is power. We continuously educate ourselves on the environment and the various ways we all can reduce our carbon footprint. Protecting the vulnerable from man-made actions is not only our responsibility but it’s imperative for the sustainabilty of all life.
Please join us in the collective goal to spread kindness with awareness and break free from plastics and non-sustainable goods, one step at a time.